Egg Fest 

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, Egg Fest was a blast to attend. There was cotton candy, popcorn, games, Bean Boozled, and bobbing for ducks. Since the music was just there for background noise, it was a great place to talk with people and hang out. Hope to see everyone there next year!

Hollywood Life Lessons

Hollywood has a way of showing the world to be either a better place or a worse place than it actually is. My board tells what some of those things are and gives examples to the movies they occur in. If you are in a foreign country, everyone there will speak perfect English, fact or […]

Night In Vegas

Farkle, roulette, craps, and blackjack. All amazing games that were at the Night In Vegas event. Not only was it a very fun night, but we learned how to play new games too! I thought you wanted to get Farkle, but apparently you don’t. Congratulations to the residents who won prizes! Over all it was […]


Spring may be here, but it doesn’t quite feel like it without the floral background! Did you know that the Wisconsin State Flower is a Wood Violet? It blooms between March and June, and has very tasty leaves. These leaves are used in salads, jellies, and in candy. Who knew? Have a great Spring everyone!


Spring just started and the weather can still be a bit chilly, that’s why I made sharks for everyone! Whether it to be reminded of a trip to the beach or an up coming one. Don’t worry they won’t hurt you.