United We Stand

In case you missed United We Stand, Monti Washington was an amazing speaker. He talked about his journey “from the streets to the stage.” Monti had a rough life as a child, in and out of bad foster and group homes. His brother turned to gangs, but he knew that being a gang member wasn’t for him, so he went out of the culture’s norm he grew up in and now is an actor, a speaker, and has his own book. One thing Monti hit hard on was we don’t look like our story. For example someone could be the happiest person you know, but is actually depressed and hides it. He said that the only way people will know our actual stories is to tell others. At the end of his speech he had us do an activity were he would ask a question and if it applied to you, you would silently stand. One of the questions he asked was if we knew someone with a drug addiction. He would then ask us to continuing standing if it was family, then if it was your parents. Doing this exercise helped show us that we aren’t alone, even if it is just one other person in your boat, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you have the opportunity to listen to him I highly recommend it.


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