Check your mailbox!

It’s no fun going to check your mailbox and being disappointed you didn’t get any new mail especially on Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, you were all excited to receive Valentines from your RA! Getting mail can help boost an individuals confidence because it means someone thought about them, and it’s a nice little reminder that they are loved. 


These valentines all have a cute message and an animal magnet on them. Feel free to do what you like with them. Some residents have already put their magnets outside their doors,  so when they leave for class they see the cute animal magnet. It’s a positive way to start the day! If animal magnets aren’t for you, find something that will brighten your day. Starting your day on a positive note helps relieve stress and ultimately makes for a healthier life.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


We have new cupid door decs up! These door decs are in spirit of Valentine’s Day! Spend Valentine’s Day doing what you love and with those you love! And, remember you don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy on Valentine’s Day; it’s a day to treat your self and love yourself.

Career Professional Development

cpdoStaff from the CPDO (Career Professional Development Office) came to speak to Wilgus Hall residents about building professional skills, including interview and resume tips. They also answered any questions we had about the CPDO or getting a job. If you want more information and were not able to attend, there are handouts in the lobby from the CPDO.

United We Stand

We had a guest speaker, Lamarr Womble, come to campus to speak about Passion for Leadership. It was an eye opening experience and helped us all appreciate our dreams regardless of how small or stupid they may seem. He talked a lot about how you should make your dreams into a source of income. For example, if you love video games become a video game designer. We all reflected on who we are and who we truly want to be.

Shrek Night!



Last Saturday, we had our Shrek Movie night that was requested. There were lots of snacks to munch on while winding down and watching a childhood classic movie. We also had free Shrek door decs. Some of us got creative and put four googly eyes on the Shrek door decs. It was a lot of fun! Be sure to check out the Baby Driver movie night this Saturday as well!shrek sarah


Women in History

February is Women’s History month, so there is a new board up on 3West to learn  more about some amazing women and their history. This new board will help us reflect on some of the most inspiring women in our history.  But, this board is too small to fit all the amazing women in history. Take the time this month to thank all the women that inspire you, and let this board be inspiration to become the next most influential woman in someone’s life.

Valentine’s Day Card Decorating!

vday card


Last night we had a card decorating event in the Wilgus basement. It was a lot of fun! We all made a couple of cards to thank the people we love in our lives! If you missed the event but still want to make a card,  just let me know. I still have a bunch of paper, markers, and stickers! Thanks to those who came 🙂

Check out this awesome card Larissa made!



Making cards is a great way to express yourself and ultimately help develop who you are. Not only does it give you time to sit down and reflect on who you are thankful for and what impact they have in your life. It also is a great way to express yourself through artwork.


Women in STEM


The new board in the lobby is about women in STEM, so they can get more information about the helpful resources on campus. It is also beneficial for everyone to learn a little more about women in STEM. For example, there are tips on there for how men in STEM can help make women in STEM feel equal and welcome. Hopefully, stemeveryone finds it useful!

Love is the Universal Language

universal languageWe have a new board up! It’s a fun way to learn a little bit of a bunch of different languages. I chose the phrase “I love you” because Valentines day is coming up. This board is interactive. Read the phrase, guess the language, then lift the flap to see if you guessed right. There are some fun translations in there too, such as, Na’vi (the language from Avatar) and Furbish (the language Furbies speak).

Spring Career Fair

career fair

It’s almost that time! The Spring Career Fair is Feb. 6-8th. It will be here before you know it, so check out this board to get some information. You can search “Career Fair” on the UWPlatt page to get a lot more information to prepare for the Career Fair. Another great resource is the Career Professional Development Office. They can give you resume advice, mock interviews, and they even have a closet to rent out professional clothes. Start researching the companies that will be there before you attend!